1. 1276 Người Trúng / Winner: QUẾ PHƯƠNG
    Chevrolet Spark LS 2020 ($15270)

  2. 1287 Người Trúng / Winner: NGUYỄN KÝ
    5 Pieces Bedroom Set ($1200)

  3. 3507 Người Trúng / Winner: ĐOÀN TRƯỜNG
    Cali Karaoke System ($1000)

Little Saigon Tet Parade Marches On Despite the Rain



Rain almost ruined the biggest Tet parade in the country Feb. 9 in Little Saigon.

But by 9:30 a.m., the precipitation stopped, the sun came out, floats and convertibles rolled down Bolsa Avenue, and the marching bands played on.

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WSD Proudly Participates in the Tet Parade


Students, parents and staff enthusiastically represented the District in the annual Tet Parade. Neither rain nor chilly temperatures could put a damper on this crowd. Representatives from each school proudly marched in the parade in celebration of the Lunar New Year and Year of the Pig. Click the headline for pictures.

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Colorful, cacophonous Tet Parade will thrill the senses Feb. 9 in Westminster’s Little Saigon



For a few hours on Saturday, Feb. 9, Little Saigon will turn into a magical land of dragons, lions, ancient warriors and – something a little less ferocious – pigs.

Westminster’s 20th annual Tet Parade is expected to attract some 20,000 celebrants commemorating the Vietnamese lunar New Year. The parade alone will incorporate more than 5,000 people. It’s as cacophonous as it is colorful – with drummers drumming and firecrackers crackling among vividly attired dancers and larger-than-life animal costumes.

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Rival Tet parade, festival may be proposed


The political storm that’s engulfed the Westminster City Council is now creating some waves at the Garden Grove City Council.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, the council meeting opened with signs and speeches denouncing Councilman Phat Bui and closed with a discussion of a proposal by Bui to stage a Tet festival and a Tet parade to rival one already planned for Westminster.

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Tet Parade in Little Saigon: Welcoming a ‘Hopeful Spring’


By Đằng Giao/Người-Việt Translation:  Titi Mary Tran

Embodying the theme “Hopeful Spring,” the 2017 Tet Parade marched excitedly and dazzlingly on Bolsa Avenue the morning of Feb. 4, marking the coming of a New Year for the Vietnamese community in Little Saigon and Southern California.

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Dear Corporate Sponsors,


The Little Saigon Tết parade proudly presents a unique and effective marketing opportunities to promote your brand and business to tens of millions Vietnamese in Orange County and worldwide. This year, the Parade will take place on Sunday, January 26th, 2020. The parade route will go on Westminster Avenue for more than a mile from Brookhurst to Euclid Street through the heart of Little Saigon, Capital of the Vietnamese community, where more than six hundred thousand Vietnamese American call home.


Some fact of last year statistics: Five thousand people paraded; About twenty thousand people lined up to view floats, marching bands, martial arts, veterans, and cultural groups parading on the main streets of Little Saigon; Hundreds of thousands watched the program on TV from home; And nearly thirteen million impressions to the live media tweets, from all over the world during the morning of the parade.


Being a sponsor of this program is not just giving back to the community but also provide a tremendous exposure of your business, and promote a strong banding to the Community. We cordially invited your company to join us in making this year parade spectacular and grandiose!


Thank you for your consideration and supports of the Little Saigon Tết Parade 2020 and we wish you the Year of the Rat with prosperity and great successes.



Phat Bui, Chairman



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The Tết Parade 2019 year of the Pig was the previous Parade that organized by The Vietnamese Federation of Southern California host in the the City of Westminster with was an unprecedented successful event despite raining hard the first half of the Parade.

Chris Williams with the California Highway Patrol jumps out of his car to mingle with the crowd during the Little Saigon Tet Parade on Saturday, February 9, 2019. (Photo by Mindy Schauer, Orange County Register/SCNG)


The Tết Parade 2018 year of the Dog organized by The Vietnamese Federation of Southern California host in the the City of Westminster was a successful event following the success of previous year.

Dragons play with the crowd as people celebrate the coming lunar year during the 2018 Tet Parade in the heart of Little Saigon in Westminster. This year, the annual event takes place on Feb. 9.(Photo by Michael Fernandez, Contributing Photographer)


The Tết Parade 2017 year of the Monkey organized by The Vietnamese Federation of Southern California host in the the City of Westminster was kick of a new standard of successful Tết Parade years after.

Do You Like Little Tết Parade? Is It Everything You Wanted From A Cultural Event?


* Little Saigon, Orange County is home to the largest Vietnamese community outside of Vietnam.
* Little Saigon Tet Parade is the largest and most watched event of its kind in the U.S.
* Vietnamese population in Southern California: 300,000 (2010 Census).
* More than 40% of residents in Westminster and about 30% in Garden Grove are Vietnamese; and the Mayors of both cities are of Vietnamese descent.
* Expected number of organizations in parade: 100+
* Expected number of parade spectators: 30,000
* Event will be broadcasted throughout 50 states and around the world by more than 30 news/media outlets (expected) that will be watched by more than three million Vietnamese Americans living in the U.S. and overseas.
* Parade features: marching bands, floats, lion dances, color guards, veterans and youth organizations, martial arts, multi-culture traditional attires from diverse communities, elected officials, Vietnamese Scouting organizations, community organizations, and much more.

* Little Saigon, Quận Cam là thủ đô tinh thần của cộng đồng người Việt hải ngoại. * Diễn Hành Tết Little Saigon là cuộc diễn hành lớn nhất và được nhiều người xem nhất của người Việt tại Hoa Kỳ.
* Dân số người Việt tại miền Nam Cali: 300,000 người (2010 Census).
* Hơn 40% dân số tại Westminster và gần 30% tại Garden Grove là người Việt; và hai thành phố này cũng có Thị Trưởng gốc Việt do cư dân bầu lên.
* Dự tính số đơn vị tham gia diễn hành: 100+
* Dự tính số người đến xem diễn hành: 30,000
* Cuộc diễn hành sẽ được phát đi đến 50 tiểu bang Hoa Kỳ và khắp thế giới qua hơn 30 cơ quan truyền thong báo chí và sẽ được xem bởi hơn 3 triệu đồng hương người Việt hải ngoại.
* Các đơn vị tham gia diễn hành gồm có: các ban nhạc diễn hành, xe hoa, các đoàn lân, các đơn vị quân đội QLVNCH, các hội đoàn giới trẻ, các hội đồng hương, ái hữu, võ đường, các đơn vị Hướng Đạo, các dân cử chính giới, cùng sự tham gia của các cộng đồng bạn trong vùng với nhiều trang phục mang nét văn hóa truyền thống Việt Nam và các sắc dân khác.